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03:00am 23/08/2006
My new job kicks ass. I love that I'm learning new things every day. It's hard work, but I enjoy the intellectual challenge. It hit me full force today that in November I'll be single handedly running the Physicians conference in Toronto--Ok that is really scary! I don't know If I'll be ready to do it; and there is no room for fucking up because the people who know what's going on will be in Europe on vacation. OMFG!!!

*experiencing severe inferiority complex*

I just have to make sure that EVERYTHING is in place before my coworkers leave. And I have to admit that this will be an amazing experience, and will look great on my C.V. And ok maybe I get off, just a little bit, on the anxiety of it all.

In other news: The girl I'm replacing drives my boss up the wall. She knows this, and I think she resents me a bit even though she quite, it's not like I got her fired.
*spits on office politics*

One bit of good news is that I totally love working with the other people in the office.
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